Re: Closure of our Madison store and our future concept on shoe repair business:

After 10 years of business, as of July 31, 2006, our Madison location will be closed.  We would like to express our sincere thanks to the customer for the past patronage.

For any question regarding any repair order that have been placed at the location and not picked up as yet,  please call 312-887-0000 or send email inquiry to myshoerepair@gmail.com.

We still have many other locations in Chicagoland.  Loop locations are list below for
customer's reference.  We would look like to look forward to a continuous business
at our other locations.
Also please watch for our new on-line shoe repair service, which we're working now with a future shoe service concept.  It will be available here in this website in the near future..

Our On-line Shoe Repair Service will feature "Lower Price", which will mainly come from
"low-rent" or "no-rent".    Payment by credit card.  Shipping based on "You Ship, We Ship" idea.  Shoe repair orders will be placed on-line or by telephone, shoes be shipped directly to and from our shoe works.

Again we thank you for all your support for last 10 years at Madison location.  And we will look forward to seeing you again at our other locations and/or on line.

  Store Locations:

   214 West Washington Street (Between Wells & Franklin)                         
** Express service available at this location


   165 North Canal Street (Between Lake & Randolph)                 


   125 South Clinton Street (Between Monroe & Adams)              


   1254 South Halsted Street (Within University Village)