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Agricultural Implementation Improvements at  Arba Minch Lowland Cultivable areas.


Participatory Community Development approach has remained the main guiding principle of Federal Government of Ethiopia, Ministry of Agriculture. The approach immensely contributes to   identify problems, felt needs for the communities & possible solutions. Unreserved participation of the Farmers right from the problem identification & proposing appropriate solutions has great contribution towards the Goal of the VISION. A more active & creative involvement of the participants is indispensable to establish the ground for further Development of self-management capacities which are essential for the sustainability of the Activity.

Pursuant to the recommendations, model of intervention may enlighten a better chance of involving the community. The Problems Prioritized by the Localities & Wereda  Authorities Boomed the Development Activity initiation that as matrix-ranking procedure. The method, which WANAZE is going to apply as participatory planning approach shall involve all stake holders of relevant bodies. As a Foundation of the NGO, it shall be a Milestone for Healthy Enthusiastic initiation.

Job level training at the community, in Agriculture, Health, Natural Resources Development, Conservation & Environmental Protection Methodologies are Deep concern within the area & at the Global arena.

WANAZE as an indigenous Guider to the approach is highly desirable in the Rural Communities by alleviating poverty reduction strategies; enhancing food security system & introducing sustainable land use to protect & develop the environment. WANAZE shall pay deep attention to the women & shall facilitate towards their empowerment. Based on its PROFILE IT SHALL ALSO WORK TOWARDS POSITIVE BEHAVIORAL CHANGES & strengthening through full & active participation of the Community Members.

The Programme Area

Arba Minch district Dega (highland) Ochollo, Chano Dorga, Chano Millie, Chano Chalba & Ochollo Lantie local areas are the Promised Lands for our Ancestors. The Land may grow any type of Farming Crops, including Forests, but lived their life as consistent farmers. We the Founders also grew up in such a tradition with primitive type of Irrigational schemes. Sometimes the area is blocked with drought or insufficiency for self sustainment of FOOD crops. The extreme characteristics of the diverse agro climate distribution periodically affect the Yield of Crops.

Therefore sustainable & perennial irrigational scheme shall surely eliminate the periodic misnomer indemnified. We the executive Founders want to drain the situation as our Predecessor ZEBO WARGO to the enlightenment of the Community in our era.